CSS things I wish I knew earlier: The 'inset' property

I was listening to the Syntax Podcast the other day and heard one of the presenters speak about the inset style declation in CSS. It sounded cool so I decided to check it out!

The inset property is used as shorthand for a positioning element’s (e.g. absolute, fixed) left, right, bottom, top properties. I have implemented this on my own website on the mobile version of the blog pages, with a slide-out ‘related-content’ panel.

css inset property example

The below CodePen demonstrates the inset property in action!

  element {
    top: 5rem;
    left: 5rem;
    right: 5rem;
    bottom: 5rem;

  // Can be declared as below

  element {
    inset: 5rem;

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